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My paintings are about emotions that are reflective of a time, a place and a person, of things gained and things lost. My paintings come to me in dreams, full of colors. They are visions of movement and form. When I embrace the canvas – all of this becomes alive in me. Then the journey begins, into the future as well as the past, yet they all breathe in the now.


As for my own journey, I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago. My heart was forged in the Midwest and it is where I formulated the experiences and lessons that are reflective in my art of the present day.

The inherent beauty found in the black and white winters of the Windy City are at the base of the exquisite and primitive wonders of my charcoal flowers. The warm flavors of my small town summers infuse the colors of my oil paintings. The abstract musings of my monotypes represent a young woman’s hopes and dreams of spreading her wings, naïve and innocent yet worldly and wise.

After moving to California, I was newly inspired. I attended and graduated Santa Monica College of Design, Art & Architecture. I was fortunate to study with nationally recognized artists such as Peter Alexander, Laddie John Dill, George Herms, Debra Sussman, Diane Buckler and more.

I left California and spent several years traveling in Europe and specifically Paris, exploring the land of the masters, which enriched my abstract forms and expanded my inner voice.

Returning to Los Angeles, which is now my home, those experiences focused my vision and continue to inform my craft, whether I am painting on canvas, wood or paper.

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